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Event Funds Request Form

The purpose of providing Event Funds is to support our CUFI on Campus students in their efforts to bring educational outreach events to their campus which further the CUFI on Campus mission. 

Awarded Event Funds will be provided in the form of a restaurant gift card or gift certificate. Event Funds are not intended for personal or private use. Any misuse of funds will result in the denial of any future CUFI conference scholarships or resources. 


  • Have attended at least one CUFI on Campus conference 
  • Be an active CUFI on Campus student and in frequent contact with your CUFI on Campus Engagement Coordinator
  • Agree to share an after-event update of 4-10 high-quality photos, and a one-paragraph overview of your event. 
  • Agree to secure all event space permissions at least 2 weeks before the event/meeting 
  • Agree to use Event Funds exclusively for the purpose of CUFI on Campus engagement 
  • Agree to send in itemized receipt of spent funds 

I understand the purpose, eligibility, and guidelines and I agree to the event update expectation: 

Please type “I agree” here: 

Please complete the categories below to request CUFI on Campus Event Funds:
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